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The Lion and the Butterfly

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The Butterfly landed on the foot,

On the Iron foot of the Rebel man warrior.

Some security she must find…

Some insight to be had….


Why else land on the Iron foot of a LION?

Tasting the nectar of Mary at his feet,

With Namaskar…the butterfly transforms..

shape shifting into the SHE.


In the center of the flow…

In this stillness of movement… Healing.


Without touch, the SHE feels the warriors wounds.

With touch, the warrior grounds her flighty poses.


Sitar Sounds Sweetly Sing,

resonating through the temple.

Such beauty in the stillness of the SHE butterfly.


The breath deepens…

the nectar thickens…. it flows.

From the crown to toes, the elements intertwine.


Without touch, the SHE feels the warriors wounds,

With touch, the warrior feels the SHE wounds.


Approaching the downward triangle,

the warrior breathes the SHE into.


The warrior through callused membranes,

Feels the scar upon the velvet wings of the SHE.

Tears of nectar fall from her beautiful bug eyes…

Invisible tears of nectar fall upon the warriors wounds….

Nurturing their wounds in an exchange of empathy.


The breath slows….

it deepens… the nectar thickens.


Immersed in the flow..

the head meets the root at the heart.

Open, the triangle becomes cyclic…. spiral.


Velvet wings of the SHE Caress,

Caress the Iron feet of the Rebel man LION warrior.


With Namaskar, the bond is sealed.

The SHE transforms back into Butterfly form,

Wings spread, Elements engage the flight..

the flight back to the land of Asparas.


Leaving behind the velvet fragrance of healing Nectar…

healing nectar upon the Iron feet of the Rebel Man warrior.



What is Wellness?

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Wellness is the right and privilege of everyone. There is no prerequisite for it other than your free choice. The “well” being is not necessarily the strong, the brave, the successful, the young, the whole, or even the illness-free being. A person can be living a process of wellness and yet be physically handicapped; aged; scared in the face of challenge; in pain; imperfect. No matter what your current state of health, you can begin to appreciate yourself as a growing, changing person and allow yourself to move toward a happier life and positive health.

Wellness is a process, never a static state.”

Most of us think of wellness in terms of illness; we assume the absence of illness indicates wellness. There are actually many degrees of wellness just as there are many degrees of illness. The illness/wellness continuum (below) illustrates the relationship of the treatment paradigm to the wellness paradigm.

There are many degrees or levels of wellness, just as there are degrees of illness. Nor is wellness simply the absence of disease. While people often lack physical symptoms, they may still be bored, depressed, tense, anxious, or generally unhappy with their lives. These emotional states often set the stage for physical disease through the lowering of the body’s resistance. The same feelings can also lead to abuses like smoking, excessive alcohol or drug use, and overeating. But these symptoms and behaviors represent only the tip of the iceberg. They are the surface indication of underlying human needs for such things as recognition from others, a stimulating environment, caring and affection from friends, a sense of purpose, and self-acceptance.

Diseases and symptoms are not really the problem. They are actually the body-mind-spirits attempt to solve a problem – they are a message from the subconscious to the conscious.

Much of contemporary medical practice is involved with chipping away at surface needs. Its orientation is toward treating and eliminating the evidence of disease, and this is important. But it is not enough. It is essential to look below the surface signs to address the real needs. Wellness extends the definition of health to encompass a process of integration characterized by awareness, education, and growth.

He not busy being born is busy dying.Bob Dylan

*Based on the work of Dr. John W. Travis-Wellness Workbook*