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Self Responsibility & Love

Posted in Breathing, Finding Meaning, Moving, Self Responsibility and Love on February 9, 2011 by calabartheatre

February is the month for love– Chi-flow is exploring Self Responsibility&Love….. I am responsible of the self– I am responsible for all that self manifests…be it conscious manifestation or unconscious. I am Love– underneath it all..I am love. At the most basic level of existence lies the equality of love. I a responsibility to the higher self to explore love-and express love through creative devotional service to my lord.

Building on the elemental movements of “exploring the Yoni”… the morning brings a beautiful sunrise of silence.

As the rays beam onto my Nubian skin… In Surya Namaskar, the movement outside…stillness inside.

Even for a minute I am the black circle in the center of the spiral universe.

Cleaning out the furniture of the mind with silence…with the name of my lord….with the Om…. I feel the self….love vibrations.

If for a moment we can take out 1% of mind furniture.. we have created 1% of space. 99% to go on the journey or rediscovering the navel center.

Normal thinking—- contemplation—-concentration—-meditation

**Artwork by Monica Brown**

Hare Krishna!