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Ode to my Love…

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My love…

my eternal lover… I feel you at the heart

All around me, I see you

my eyes are filled with you Bhagavan.


In the darkest moments of spirit cried…

In the darkest pains of the flesh…. my body let go…

In the darkest corners of this conditioned mind…..I prayed in surrender

Madhusudanah one by one struck down the demons of Maya’s illusion.


Today I arise with tears in my eyes…

filled with a deep love of the lotus eyed one.

Amazed at the beauty transformed of Maya’s illusion.


My heart takes refuge in Gopinatha

embrace the freedom of pure love.

transforming earth school wounds….into the heart dance.


Overcome with a deep longing for Keshava…

In the days of May Flowers….

the sacred conch of mothers compassionate dharma teachings,

awakens by his magical kiss.


A simple Gopi maidservant…

longing for the arms of her eternal husband….Radha Vallabha.



Prem Deewani–By Lakshya

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Red– the color of divine love,

The dyer..God…is not localized.

I see his work everywhere..

everything is Red in his.

In this process of analyzing,

I have not come to know when this redness colored me.


Look.. I have invoked tears of love and devotion

Into both my burning eyes.

O friend I am telling you my secret,

I am driven mad with love…

No one can understand my pain.


I know not the restraints of traditions…

nor the rituals of worship.

It is wayward and headstrong…

this crazy love of mine.


Look…I have turned both my eyes,

into burning lamps of worship for my love.

O friend, I am driven mad with love,

no one can understand my pain.


If I ever knew that falling in love causes pain and agony…

I would go about town announcing..

that nobody should fall in love.


Look… I have turned both my eyes into burning lamps of worship for my love.

O friend..I am driven mad with love…

No one can understand my pain…

Nobody can…


I stand by the river bank..

watching the waters mix.

I…so full of sin…

My love so pure.. how can we ever meet?


I play a game of chance with my love…

If I win..he is mine.

If i lose…I am his.


I put surma in my eyes…it hurts

kajal feels the same.

In the eyes where the beloved dwells…

there is no room for anything else!


How can we ever meet?

Only the broken hearted know…

the pain of wounded love…

no one else does.


Look I have made a garland of tears gems…

gems in both my burning eyes dedicated to him.


O friend…I am driven mad with love..

No one can understand my pain…

no one… no one in this universe.


Take me as I am

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Here I am Lord, Take me as I am.

“Surrender to the flow,”…Arjuna uvaca

” Madhusudanah shall advice your battles… as on the battle field of kuruksetra…

The burden is heavy to this maid servant…

toiling in the fields under the hot sun…toiling in the fields under the cold sun.

Surrender to the flow??… when Maya is the most seductive.

Maya and her enticing ways….

lovingly she caresses me in twilight.

Illusive… at dawn she leaves me longing for the taste of her skin…

“Surrender to the flow,”…Arjuna uvaca

Madhava…Here I am…take me as I am.

Butterfly tears wash your lotus feet.

The burden is too heavy for the flight….

carry me Lord through the Succulent grasp of Maya’s lips…

For only the love of My lord can break the spell of Maya.


***Artwork Surrender by. Heather Brown Truman***

Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender. ~Henri Frederic Amiel (1821 - 1881)