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*Divan Armanti by Dawoud Kringle*

Desire…Burning Desire - Paintings by Janella

to know oneself.


to become emptiness.

tricky is the path of Desire…

In an urban zoo of Desirous attachment.

“All attempts to understand reality, are DESIRE to know oneself,” –Sage Scientist.


wo-MAN BE still…

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“God of Love”-Midival Punditz

wo-MAN BE still…
Govinda catches all that fall

Dance of Tears

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**Music “Avalanche” by Karsh Kale**

I have been a-part
lack of communication flow…

Silent observer as a fruit..
Observing the rising and setting of the flow.

In places of darkness..
Thick, forceful strength..
releasing a milky way universe..
of emotional fear.

Fear camouflaged ripened upon the caterpillar
seeking control to the rising and setting flow…
Shaken out of body…
Into the mind and far removed from the heart.

Turning a blind eye…
retreating without.
No place of hiding…
can caterpillar escape self-grasping manas

Desirous attachment ripened Upon the caterpillar
Masquerade of Love.

Victim to the Karmic rising and setting flow..
tides of a fiery storms were the times..

no land in sight…
yet hope….

caterpillar the RAIN
springs forth a Rain-Bow

Indeed rainbow bright was birthed.
Surely divinity is in all — sense pattern established.

External realization of light…
within eyes a RainBow Bright.

Once again came the storms…
fiery storms were those times..

Abandoning ship…
jumping into the deep unknown..
caterpillar struggling to stay a float..
with the guiding light of a rainbow bright

Victim to the Karmic Rising and setting flow…
Victory to the illusionist manas.

To know thyself…

Feasting on Milk weeds of light…
Retreating into the chrysalis.

Victory and loses there were…
darkness of fear… hopelessness…
Death of a caterpillar…

surrender to a new day..
surrender into the arms of True Love
Rebirth… Butterfly.

Slow healing wounds….
transforms into scars of light.

Seeds of light took root within..
the heart dance was born.

In place of tears… came dance..
Flow did the dance…like sacred rivers.

dance, the mother compassion…
pulls the butterfly through evolution & Involution.

Many Moons

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*Music “ma” by Karsh Kale*

Many moons have passed
since the butterfly has laid eyes on the Peace warrior…

Rebelistic Noble King..
whose sweat in battle…
fell upon the desert plains of Chi Heart
Nourishing her earth with hope…

Slow healing are the scars upon the butterfly Queens wings….
Remnants of Self inflicted wounds of her caterpillars past unruly Manas.
Feasting on milkweeds of the lord of light…
Silence sparked transformation of sorrow into devotional love of Mukund.

Many moons have passed…
Since the butterfly has gazed into the eyes of the Peace warrior.
Injured in battle…facing death…his heart called out to the butterfly
Summoning the ancestral healing dance over far lands and oceans.

Devotional fluttering prayer dance to the Lord of light
Silence sparked merciful healing of Parambrahman.

What joy was brought to the butterfly heart…
upon bearing witness to this miracle.

Many moons passed…
many battles won along the light journey of the Peace warrior.

In the realm of the noble king….
now filled with beautiful exotic birds…
the butterfly with a caterpillar past…a silent present memory.

In the realm of the butterfly Queen…
now filled with rainbow knights…
the Peace warrior…a silent present memory.

Fluttering to the tala of the eternal….
In silence she remains…
dancing love vibrations between the human & spirit worlds.

Marching to the tala of the eternal…
In silence he remains….
playing love vibrations between the human & spirit worlds

In the realm of the eternal….
souls of the warrior and Butterfly rejoice in unity.

In the realm of the Impermanence..
souls suffer illusionary heart pains of separation
due to limited nature of conditioned Manas.

Radha Vallabha watches the characters..
playing out this ancient divine Eros for the 21st century

Full moon lover

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Music: Soubhanallah by Terakaft

On the wings of Isis
Full moon lover flies into my heart
Rooting this butterfly…in the here and now

Jasmine and lavender oils..
I anoint his feet
honey butter I rub upon the skin of the Full moon lover.

Full moon lover
holds me close…
like a father to his daughter.
….my head solemnly upon his chest

Full moon lover
holds me close…
like a husband to his wife..
he touches me….humbly with honor and respect.

Full moon lover
holds me close…
like a lover to his love…
..his head upon my breast..

Full moon lover…
kisses the lips…
Full moon lover…
kisses the lips beneath the hips.

Through Tender transcendental kisses…
I surrender..
Full moon lover…
can we stay here for while.

In the arms of the full moon lover …
the heart is at peace.
In the arms of the full moon lover…
no worries exist.
In the arms of the full moon lover… I am free.

Full moon lover feeds me light love…
nourishes my mind body soul.

Simply complicated..this phenomena
estranged lovers…reunited through a material world.

Teacher and student..
student one with the teacher…
kissing his lotus feet…our hearts melt into

Two flying birds..
free flying into the wind.
In crazy Maya…..
transcendental love is freedom.

Time traveling shape shifting
we meet again on this plane.

Breathing ….I take Full moon lover into my heart….
Into the place he has always been.
Sucking on the nectar of full moon love….

Into the dawn hours…Into the eternal…
lord and lover rules mind-body-spirit of CHi.
without attachment to the form..

Devotional love..the secret of our eternal union.


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*Music “Man on Fire” By Karsh KAle– *

Butterfly lands on the Flowers of May…

A spiritual prelude to the creative vibrational intercourse.

Blessing the world that suffers through the breath…


Journey to the land of Diablos…

Spirit lured by melodies of the Armenian prince.

Vocals of his knott-headed brother compliment his spirit.

Above the head of the prince….dwells the king of the hot hells.

To his right, a sunflower guards the gates…

the sixteen gates leading to the SUN.

The last encounter between the butterfly and the prince

under the full libra moon…In transit through the material world.

Distant were the melodies of his heart….

yet resonating so innately within the Chi.

Must I journey through Diablos…the dark realms of my heart

to find his love?

Strings sing softly heavenly divine….

blessed they are to find the grace of his fingers.

What poison shall this experience initiate..

An angel in the midst of hell….

Shall my heart emerge pure in fruit love? 

On the mainland

The animals are crying in farms…

The animals are dying…

killing their brothers and sisters.

Feeling the illusionary pains of suffering

weighing heavy on this weary heart.

In my silent place I cry…

In the midst of Hades

I cry out for my lord.

Animals asleep sway…Drunken on  Diablos

Families are crying…

who shall pay for the radiation rain?

Our children?

Who shall replace this mother… after she is all used up?

Giving into despair…. the tears begin to fall…

He enters….

The spiritual teacher…lord… savior

enters the sacred temple of Chi.

Silently swaying…. the hips a slave to his transcendental tala….

Taking the spiral vow…under the sunflower guide.

He spoke in vibratory movement…

All of my truth… I come into your being.

Into your silent space…let go to the mystery..and I shall always catch you my love.

I am yours

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He strokes me tenderly…igniting the flames of the spirit.

Through the subtle bodies He comes into my center…

Filling me with creative nectar….

Silk kisses of the transcendental lover.Fine Art Print by taiche


Welcome the era of the empowered devadasi…

Devoted to the lord of truth… emancipated from man.

The rebel woman wages battle with the noble queen

Illusion versus discriminating truth.


Resting my head against his blue chest…

Our hearts beat as one…because we are.

Shape shifting Gopinatha..

In oneness with thee… Wo-man finds the satisfaction of the hearts every desire.


Resonance of your transcendental melodies…

Invokes awareness of the stillness…

The secret place where eternal lovers meet…

Engaged in eternal union….melting into


Driven to senseless ecstasy at the mere thought vision of your shapeless form.

I taste you…in the sweetness of the sweet strawberries

I see you…in the waves of the ocean

I feel you….in the cool air upon my wet skin…

I hear you …in the cardinal lover songs

I smell you…in the jasmine flowers that fill your garden


Hrshikesha I am your noble queen….

Tasting your essence… I am addicted.

Yogeshwara I am yours.



****Artwork–Fine Art Print by taiche***