*Music “Man on Fire” By Karsh KAle– *

Butterfly lands on the Flowers of May…

A spiritual prelude to the creative vibrational intercourse.

Blessing the world that suffers through the breath…


Journey to the land of Diablos…

Spirit lured by melodies of the Armenian prince.

Vocals of his knott-headed brother compliment his spirit.

Above the head of the prince….dwells the king of the hot hells.

To his right, a sunflower guards the gates…

the sixteen gates leading to the SUN.

The last encounter between the butterfly and the prince

under the full libra moon…In transit through the material world.

Distant were the melodies of his heart….

yet resonating so innately within the Chi.

Must I journey through Diablos…the dark realms of my heart

to find his love?

Strings sing softly heavenly divine….

blessed they are to find the grace of his fingers.

What poison shall this experience initiate..

An angel in the midst of hell….

Shall my heart emerge pure in fruit love? 

On the mainland

The animals are crying in farms…

The animals are dying…

killing their brothers and sisters.

Feeling the illusionary pains of suffering

weighing heavy on this weary heart.

In my silent place I cry…

In the midst of Hades

I cry out for my lord.

Animals asleep sway…Drunken on  Diablos

Families are crying…

who shall pay for the radiation rain?

Our children?

Who shall replace this mother… after she is all used up?

Giving into despair…. the tears begin to fall…

He enters….

The spiritual teacher…lord… savior

enters the sacred temple of Chi.

Silently swaying…. the hips a slave to his transcendental tala….

Taking the spiral vow…under the sunflower guide.

He spoke in vibratory movement…

All of my truth… I come into your being.

Into your silent space…let go to the mystery..and I shall always catch you my love.


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