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Ali Farka Toure – Soya

In Days of May rain.

movements of devotion….
Butterfly transforms love…

transcendental tala of HE.
arouses conch energy….

hips of maidservant.
tell tales of omnipresent Nectar….
Chi flow.

shapeshifting serpent butterfly.

hibernating beneath..
self-inflicted scar tissue wounds

Emerge in Rains of Love.

**Artwork By Maria Taveras “Dream Art”**

trinity love….


Swing mood

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Analog Mood Swing by Karsh Kale


In love,
Rise to the heart.
Mysterious ways of the SHE…

the Secret place…
center of the moon swing.
Lord of light vibrations flow through…

lavender anoints the conch…
expressive language of Chi.
through wounds nectar of Light Lord comes….

into heart awareness…
pacifying wounded butterfly healer.
student teacher in Chi Drama….

“Daughter of man… fall in love with the dance,” -Sudha Aunty

“Dance to your music” – the Sage Scientist

The butterfly effect

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“Awake”- by the King solomon of music—- Karsh Kale

The Sabbath came.
The Feminine unleashed its mysterious power
and all beings were One.

The great Butterfly danced…
sang in the meadow of all that is,
her shimmering colors throwing Light into the four corners of the world,
touching the wounds of the suffering.

Her dew heals my parched, worn heart.
I am her servant.
I surrender to her beauty. 

the star of David



In movement she speaks…

ultimate human for Chi..
whose tala I can not resist.

Touch me with your sound..
teasing.. percussive instrument of Chi..
spills forth the nectar dance..

creative vibrational intercourse
Dancing inside the song…
Inside and out sound vibrates the dance..
dance inspires the sounds…
weaving through the heart song.

Mystery of the ever coming flow…

suckle the healing nectars….
necessary is this love.


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She who created Heaven & Earth – By Chinonye
Chapter 1: Vision

Oh the Justice of her origins!

Her icon, so ancient

This simple Earth

Oh, the justice of her origins

Her icon, so light

The feather of a blue jay.

Oh, the Justice of her origins

Her icon, so precise

The pinhole in a hummingbird feeder..

So, feed her!

Feed her!

How dare you choose not to live in the light of her being!

-Cat listening.

*Tree goddess artwork by Monica Brown*

Love Blossoms

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Gomni by Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté

Spring love..
May flowers sweet scents.

In silence..
waiting love.

Seeds of light..
planted many moons ago
take root within the Conch.

Silent metamorphosis.

In between worlds..
Love of lord carries the butterfly.

In between worlds..
Lord of Love inspires butterfly dance.

transcendental rhythms vibrate within….
no sense pleasure compares..

Letting go…
bare butterfly dances.
exploring the heart center…
Silently Lord of Love embraces.

through sound…
Lord of Love comes into butterfly…
through movement…
butterfly devotional nectar flows…

“Rewire your brain for higher consciousness by focusing on love,”The Sage Scientist

Mother knows..

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“Take a minute” – Dusty Foot Warrior, K’naan.

Mother…thou art wise,

while finding my wings.
always there to catch my fall.

Through first love heart breaks…
Through second love heart aches…
Through discovering love of self…

Mother graces with wisdom love.

Initiated am I…
motherhood realm of joy and pain.

Lessons of fruit love
humbled to  catch mothers fall.

For Daughter is mother, mother is daughter…

Great mother..
I bow to you.


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Many moons passed…
spring blooms.

Heart love…
ripens the flow.