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the SHE

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Music: ~ Dervish by Celt Islam Featuring Inder Goldfinger~

All love experiences…
like ponds, rivers and lakes…
lead back they always do…to the ocean of….

the SHE

divine feminine…
she who enchants the enchanter of the worlds.

great advisor of HE,
dances to his musical call.

Hips of SHE resonate ancient sunlight…

Thru CHi flow….the stillness movement..
They threesome interplay..

inspiring nectar flow…
tasting the secret center space of emptiness….where all mankind are humbled.

Sound vibrations shake the ego to crumbles…
revealing bare chi… at the lotus feet of Lord and Lover.


Soaking in the element of water.
sprinkled with love leaves and sweet oils…
tasting  love of SHE in the sweetness of the ripe berry.

buttering brown skin of SHE for Lord and Lover.
melted butter kneading of the percussive feet…
adorn with bells and stones of earth.

In brown skin ,
the Dance of the SHE comes into…till sunrise…
creative vibrational intercourse of the transcendental lover.

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~Chi-flow Dance Meditation~

In honor of the SHE