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Sunday Tales: Love & Fear…A divine Eros

Posted in Finding Meaning on August 28, 2011 by calabartheatre

Music: “Ma”- Karsh Kale

The stars allign…Conscious Love,
HE meets sHE in Namaste.
heart song and soul dance
spirit Union..
synergizes the common liberation dream.

Destiny reveals….

Go forth they shall,
planting seeds of light within toxic soils
for where light exist…
darkness cannot.

for a love this synergistic..
there is always a yang counter-current.
Fear… a complimentary opposite to unconditional love
works its shape-shifting darkness into the hearts of two.

under humbling guidance..
apart they shall overcome fear.
awakened to awareness of divine truth…
Only then shall the true seeker unite with Mother confessor.


butter of shea..

Posted in Feeling, Intimacy, Uncategorized on August 27, 2011 by calabartheatre

Music: Soubhanallah by Terakaft

Touch thyself….
It is good for the soul.

Ritualistic application of the butter of Shea..
upon the clay brown skin.
Lightly melted in flames…
wet oil runs down to the valley.

peaked are the hills
velvet delicate to the touch…

In the place which meets earth mother in samapadam…
deep touch brings upon the nectar flow.

Blessings to world that suffers greater than I…

Mid day flow

Posted in Feeling on August 11, 2011 by calabartheatre

Music: Amp Fiddler~ YOU~

In the midst…

Earth school role play day…
A moment… to feel HE come into awareness of SHE

Music dance interplay…
creative vibrational intercourse of Eternal Lovers.