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Arjuna Spoke…

Posted in Finding Meaning on September 19, 2011 by calabartheatre

Oh Krishna..

When I see my kinsmen thus arrayed for battle,

Gandiva falls from my hand,

my mind is all awhirl…

For I do not long for victory,

O Krishna, nor Kingdoms nor delights…

what is kingship

what is pleasure….

even life itself, O Lord of Herds.

They for whose sake kingship, pleasure and delight are dear,

stand here arrayed for battle, abandoning life and wealth?

THese I would not slay, though they should seek to slay myself…

no, not for lordship of the three worlds….

much less for the kingdom of Earth.

What Pleasure can we find, O Troubler of the people in slaying of Dhritarashtra folk?

we shall be stained by sin if we kill these heroes.

It will be better if the sons of Dhritarashtra,

weapon in hand,.

should slay me unresisting and unarmed.

Thus did the Wearer of the Hair-Knot speak with the Lord of Herds,


“I will not fight.”

**Artwork of Chi by Erin Lechner**

**Music Naga by Sean Blackman**