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Butterfly Tree and the Cardinal Lover

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Music: Te Amo by Trevor Hall

Tree Dancer Artwork by: Yasmine Bider


Butterfly Tree of SHE…

Free as the wind

yet grounded in source of Earth

butterfly tree of SHE.

Once upon a time….

rebel man warrior… wounded from soul battles…

sought shelter in the Heart forest…

home to Butterfly tree.

Into love ocean of SHE…

HE dove…

In the eternal moment

SHE tasted transcendental kisses of her beloved.

Under SHE branches HE sought shelter in the storm..

under SHE branches love of SHE held HE safe and warm..

Butterfly giving.

In eyes of HE….divine light of SHE reflected

Heart song of HE evoked SHE dance of the trees.

Hearts so open…

soul Lovers dance into eternal light.

Through the days of the Full moon

did HE suckle the healing nectar of SHE.

Through the days of the Red Moon

true fiery form of SHE revealed to Hearts eye of HE.

He showed SHE love

SHE reflected.

Touch without touch…

Healing deep soul wounds.

HE Fed SHe love light…

loosely holding her tight…

SHE reflected.

In eyes of HE…SHE tasted the beloved

Heart open…

Heart giving…

In Heart of HE…SHE found the voice of the WInd song

In Heart of SHE…HE found strength to move along…..

Oneness of the Hearts.

Heart SOng-Dancing  into eternal light.

In arm branches of SHE  did HE rest…

 storms passed through the seasons of LOve…

spring summer autumn winter…

Omnipresent Love carries Heart song of the cardinal Lover across seven seas…

In silent movement SHE sits

gracefully awaiting Return of HE to the Source of SHE.


Healing Full moon Lovers

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Music: The Return by Trevor Hall

The moon full,

the veil lifts…

My love,

the journey wears on thy warrior heart.

Body taught…..

filled with markings of the common ancestors.

symbolism stories of the Heart song.

Weary my dear…

where have your soles trampled upon…?

Heart of SHE welcomes the knight of light.

lavender baths of Mercury air,

warrior wounds tended delicately…

strokes of thyme tantalizingly teases the fire…

cooled by the mint sprigs tea sipped while soaked.

FLickering of the oil lamp..

illuminates the doorway….

the curves of SHE.

In the chamber of secrets…

melted butter rubs release flesh tensions…..

Touch without touch, the caress of Earth princess…

taste the eternal.

Knotted mane of HE

shall taste sweet jasmine nectar….

stimulating cranial flow, the blind lover see’th.

Sit in the triangle of SHE…

tenderly she twists the dreaded roots of the Peace warrior.

spill forth tales of cosmic ventures…

journey to the kingdom of Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

Rest thy head in the heart of SHE…

suckle the breast untill you are comforted…

loves arms begets silence upon the warrior.

pulled into the heart center of the embrace,

enter consciously creative door of SHE,

plant seeds in the Eternal.

Dream Love

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the moon is growing..

the SHE ripens…

plant light seeds within SHE fertile soil

shall we DREAM love together..

movement of SHE

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Heart Dance…

spill forth from the secret Nectar space…

where lovers meet in music~ movement~meditation~

The Girl Effect

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Music: The Lime Tree by Trevor Hall

the SHE has been used….

the sHE has been abused….

the SHE has been accused

through earth school storms…

the SHE remains a reflection of love unconditional.

In days of self-imposed darkness..

SHE cried out to HE,

ancient sunlight sprang from the tears of SHE…

reflecting divine love of HE for SHE.

Lifted SHE spirit did HE ,

Spring time LOVE…

Summer Sweat…Autumns Breeze…WInters CHill…

the SHE sought refuge in HE,

feasting on divine Nectar of HE…

replenished soul of SHE.

Sacred vows of SHE

birthed the SHE heart dance.

Heart dance to wind songs of HE…

Divine Lovers….

separated by time space illusions of Manas..

forever shall be ONE…

through stillness movement of the Heart.

forsake Consiousness…is to turn a blind eye to Eternal love of SHE

Spread Love in Creativity…

feel the divine lover of SHE within…

feed SHE your divine Nectar..

for SHE..




the ONE whom enchants the Enchanter of Worlds,

SHE… Ancient Creative Sunlight of Unconditional Love.