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Under Star Skies of He

Posted in Intimacy on November 26, 2011 by calabartheatre

Music: Easy Star All-Stars Great Gig inthe SKy

Artist: Chakraborty, Pradip- Cosmic Lovers

Artist: Nanette E. Hayles – Madre Divina

Upon his star skies SHE gazes…

into the eyes of his heart.

How many nights has his heart wept…

under these skies to SHE..


who..what… am I?

Oceans of his tears..

cleanses feet of SHE..

heart of les Nubian …

queen of the waters in which SHE drowns..

SHE.. called out in storms

to light warrior of sound….

he kissed SHE in a timeless space..

setting the triangle heart ablaze.

under star skies of HE…

insides of SHE spilleth forth…

fruit  of SHE shines curls of ancient sunlight…

earth soil of mother  receptive to seeds of light.

Times are serious to sleepers…

steadfast knight of light shall SHE sit at right.


I Dare You to Travel

Posted in Playing and Working, Self Responsibility and Love on November 16, 2011 by calabartheatre

I Dare You to Travel.


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Music: Who you gonna turn to~ By~ Trevor Hall

Touch the ever flowing river…

butter kiss the gardens of SHE..

aWake into the heart..