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Red Spring

Posted in Finding Meaning, Intimacy on March 30, 2012 by calabartheatre

Music: Ngoni Mali

Over the rainbow,

land of musical knights..

marked with Upward triangle.

Singing sweet tales of the eternal one,

SHE rises into the love message..

creative vibrational intercourse thru the reflective messenger.

Universal telephone,

distant omnipresent lover…

two sunrises untill glorifying ideal lingam.

Line of Time drawn,

churning the yearning desire for the triumph of HE into SHE…

spawns Shedding of  lone seed.

red moon days now waxing with spring,

retreat to the purple rose…

introspection with reflection.



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Music: Mountain Melody/Burning mountain by Flying Monkey

The SHE Householder,

hopelessly devoted to HE…

whom the world is his dwelling place.


HE sets SHE in motion,

yet in SHE~HE is still,


Dear HE energy

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Music: Believe by Lenny Kravitz

Dear HE energy..

Do not be afraid of the Yoni embrace SHE.

Afterall…this is where HE sprang forth from…

Nurture SHE with tender devotional kisses …

SHE will grace thee with  the nectar flow.

Dear HE energy,

abuse not the compassionate Yoni

after all… fruit springs from creative center of SHE

Dear HE energy…

Nurture SHE with devotional love.

Empower SHE with love..and Man~kindness..

shine ancient sunlight…

plant seeds of HE…

deep within the soils of the Yoni..

Dear He energy…

embrace the SHE…for SHE resides within HE.

How the Yoni longs for HE…

 to reject SHE is to reject HE.

Dear HE energy

take hold the heart of SHE

hold it near..

SHE guides HE through the days of darkness..

HE synergizes SHE into the days of enlightenment.

Dear HE energy..

in union…

a creative force…

Shiva shakti synergy.

without HE…love ciricle is incomplete.

The upward triangle to the downward triangle…

In union…creative snergy.

Dear HE energy..

how SHe longs for thee..

Do not be afraid of the Yoni…

suckle the nectar of SHE flow…

for it shall nurture HE with rejuvenating inspiration…

Dear HE energy…

kiss the yoni tenderly as if it were…

a tender flower…

blossoming between lips of HE.

Dear He energy..

 SHE is present not to overcome HE…

rather to enhance…complete HE in synergy.

days of darkness…

on the precipice of illumination..

Dear HE energy..

do not forsake SHE

 SHE shall receive seeds of light in love consciousness…

oh dear HE energy..

how the yoni longs for thee.

under the palmetto sun~synergy union

music to the dancer of the yoni SHE..

enters SHE with loving tenderness..

enter the pearl gates to the cosmic worlds.

Dear HE energy..come into the SHE..

how SHE longs for thee.