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the way SHE moves

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Music: To Zion By Trevor Hall

SHE woke before the rising SUN

Brown skin covered in paint and tears..

Bathing in the Creek of forgiveness..

 red SHE arrives at  home of the Blue son,

fruit in little lotus….

SHE ventures into the garden of the enlightened one.

dancing Odinani SHE tends her earth,

uprooting weeds of Manas.

Wind whistles…

through her cloth…

through flowers of the  cherry blossom tree…

in scent Ecstasy HE kisses SHE..

shutting the door for a moment in eternity.

Nectar drips from SHE ,

dancing slowly….wild and free in his palace..

Prabhu  watches SHE move between the trees towards HE.


Full Moon Lake of Love

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Art Work: Dream Lovers by Oleg Zhivetin

Dream Love By Yoko Ono

Land of Lakes,

Full Moon blessings of the embrace….

SHE in the arms of HE.

Chest of HE Sweat Smeared from spiritual battlefield,

pressed  gently against brown breasts of SHE…

daubed with sandalwood.

Perhaps theatrics of his Calabar play,

yet like pure Jasmine Oil,

Love of SHE flows real.

No words SHE can say,

no songs SHE  sings, no dance SHE can dance….

satisfies thirst of SHE.

With fruit..She dares dream love in the forest,

beyond beauty and desire….

to the place where heart of SHE is one with HE.

The center place beyond,

where heart has abandoned all,

but burning flame for nectar of HE in SHE.

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Watercolors of Nature. Aquarellbilder.

Shiv Parvathi


So had they met on the summits of the world.

Like the still spirit and its unawakened force

Near were they now, yet to each other unknown,

He meditating, she in service bowed.

Closing awhile her vast and shadowy wings

Fate over them paused suspended on the hills.


               Painted on Arches 300gsm HP half sheet; Schminke Artists watercolors.

               The story continues like this…  Lord Shiva is mourning the loss of his wife, Sati devi and the poet asks ‘He who gives the fruits to all austerities, with what deep desire is He in meditation yoked?’ 

               Meanwhile,  Sage Narada fortells that Parvathi would be wedded to the Almighty God, Shiva; hearing this, her father’s (Himaloy’s) heart leaps with joy but he dares not approach Him for such a boon. So he sends his daughter to the Lord to serve him. She goes along with her maids/friends and offers him flowers and…

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