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SHE Sense Sunlight

Posted in Communicating, Finding Meaning, Intimacy, Self Responsibility and Love, Trascending on August 25, 2012 by calabartheatre

Music: Pingala Srikalogy Remix


Why should SHE adorn the Yoni with Jasmin,

In presence of another…

all senses of SHE  ignite for  HE… Sunlight of Mother.

divine love.

swept SHE into rapture.

Suitor whisked SHE to the land of the Mediterranean,

SHE was not fazed…

loins  of SHE quiver only for divine touch of Lord Love….Sunlight of Mother.

HE fed SHE sweet nectar Juices…

Orange like bright afternoon sun..

memory recall of that afternoon sun…

beaming down on brown skin…

yielding beads of sun juice…

sun juices running down bosom of SHE in Jatiswaram..

in Jatiswaram…heart focused on thee… Lord love Sunlight of Mother.

Please do not touch SHE…..

brown skin of SHE quivers not for thee.

Nectar of SHE flows…

Sense ignite…Sunlight of Mother

his Sun kisses come to SHE in moon night sky breeze..

Forgive SHE,

For SHE has adorned her hair,

Put on kohl… presented in this space with you.

Desire not presence of SHE,

as SHE desires pleasure only of her divine Lover….Sunlight of Mother.


Sunlight of Mother

Posted in Finding Meaning, Moving, Self Responsibility and Love, Sensing on August 11, 2012 by calabartheatre

Music: Lindelani by Miriam Makeba


In the Garden of SHE,

SHE waits for return of Sunlight of Mother…

Divine restlessness grows within SHE.

One by one,

universe brings Knights from Her past…

polished and enticing as ever.

They sing sweet melodies in the wind,

SHE dances….

heart dance for Sunlight of Mother lost over the horizon.

They give SHE little treasures,

SHE offers treasures under earth mother tree…

to Sunlight of Mother lost over the horizon.

They bring sweets for her fruit love,

Fruit love sweetly cries…..

tears for return of Sunlight of Mother.

Knights retreat in frustration.

She dances her lovers dance in the rain,

Sleeping under the stars…

Morning sun warms her brown skin.

Cardinal messenger lands upon her lap,

singing sweet lullaby from sunlight of Mother…

Love message from Heart of HE to SHE.

She sings and dances in ecstasy of His love.


Artwork by: Gallery T

Chi Dancer Artwork by: Erin Lechner

Butterfly Photography by: Chinonye