Welcome! I am chinonye-keeper of the blog. Born in West Africa…raised in the west, I am a simple woman dancing along the yogini path of life. Pursuing my individual spiritual path of  healing and transformation, the universe brought  me together with various teachers and partners to deepen my spiritual growth and share light with others. Along my path I fuse eastern teachings with teachings of my Odinani ancestors to deepen my exploration of self.

My hope with this blog is be of service as a mirror to others on their journey to self-actualization. Expressing love through creativity, this blog serves as a medium for exchange of healing love vibrations. writing, dance, singing, art, all expression of love.

Curious About my blog name?
-Friends have asked what is Calabar Theatre. Calabar is a town in the west African country of Nigeria. Rooted in the belief system of the calabar people is the fact that everything in the world, the trees and the bees are connected. We are all one with the eternal flowing energy.

-Theatre because we are all actors in this grand theatrical stage called Life. Together we have Calabar Theatre! The goal of this theatrical play; self-actualization, to remove the mask, forget the actor and just BE …ONE flowing love. This mystical peak we can touch…Love is the door.  May the concepts of this page permeate you and inspire you to express universal love through creativity.


One Response to “About”

  1. This is such a beautiful blog. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and spirit. I have a blog with several other women, all of us South Asian, which explores the erotic as divine power – it’s called Shameless Yonis. If you google it you will find us. So nice to find like-minded souls.

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