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Humanity Healing

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Artwork by: Agnieszka Brezezanska

Music: You are the Lover by Srikalogy




met in Namaste, along the journey home.


Humanity Healing…

this natural mystic thing

moves through sound and movement.

they touch without touch the center.



Come as you are…

movement love energy knows no sexuality

leave the masks on the shelf…

SHE will take them off like the grey shirt on your shoulders.


heart hands purified in fire,

which like her heart… burns for HE

warm Jojoba oils arouse movement feet…

devoted to pleasure center of the heart…

beloved enjoys thru the lover.



separate…yet insync they move as ONE

rising into Palmetto love,

Sound penetrates the center space of SHE…

always inspiring nectar flow movement.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

the melody of their unison dance.



Valley of the Heart

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Music: Just In time by Trevor Hall


SHE energy,

Flows through linear reality…

past experiences mounting to the present.

ever hopeful of the future..

Stormy past strengthens heart of SHE for present moment,

reflections as HE looked into heart of SHE….

Temple of pure lovers hearts houses the Ark of the covenant.

Rampriya Das, Eyes blue like the sky,

blue~lord Lover gazed into brown windows of her heart….

magical synergy.

Music feeds dance….

dance inspires string heart to speak…

slowly SHE tastes HE.

aware of his sweetness,

flowing in his sweetness….

lost in a timeless space.

In divine union,

unknown is the place….

where HE ends and SHe begins.

SHE is earth,

HE roots cosmic vibrations through her heavens…

to her deepest creative valley.

Rising together into the heart,

alive as one…

relaxed in union valley.

Engaged in innocent energy,

the never-ending beginning…

ascending home as ONE.

Father Spiritual Warrior

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Music: One Eskimo~~Amazing

Father and Son Artwork by Katie m. Berggren ~

Making them feel loved: We loved you so much



Being a great father calls for a man to strengthen his connection to the most high. A spiritual warrior, like Paul, he must apply spiritual principles when fathering his children. Paul the apostle demonstrated the warmth of a mother, and the muscle of a father when fathering his spiritual children. “But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her children,” (1 Th 2:7). Paul conveys “as ye know how we exhorted and comforted and charged every one of you, as a father doth his children,” (1Th 2:11). We see Paul chooses a seldom-used Greek word for love, not the usual word for unconditional love or brotherly affection. This endearing term, conveys a strong, warm, spontaneous magnetism-used normally with a very young child.

Strangely, Paul is speaking to adults when he is using this term. This is because the need to be loved is one we never outgrow! He wanted them to feel loved. Fathers, more than anything else, that is what your children need from you. Regardless of gender, both sexes need to feel love of the HE energy.

Sharing your life with them. “We are delighted to share with you…our life.” How can daughter learn to have healthy relationships with men, or your son develop a healthy warrior identity, unless you share your life with them? Father, share your life with your children by:

(1)  Sharing your values. Children need to know what’s important to you and where your priorities lie, what you stand for and truly believe in.

(2)  Sharing how they can live by spiritual principles. Life will throw obstacles in their path, confusing them, even at wee ages. They need to know the ways of Light in order to make wise decisions in crucial moments.

(3)  Sharing moments of laughter and fun. Whether pulling back to back shifts, on the road for months, or doing the regular 9-5 gig, when you come home do your children scatter? Or gather around you? Are you fun to be around? Let them feel your light warrior ways is something to be enjoyed, not endured. The family that plays together, stays together!

(4)  Sharing with them the finer interests of life. Instead of condemning their music, taste in clothing etc, use differences as a platform to understanding each other better and introducing new alternatives.

(5)  Telling them how valuable they are to you. Don’t assume they know. “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you…our lives, you had become so dear to us.” Tell them again, and again!

To be continued…

the way SHE moves

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Music: To Zion By Trevor Hall

SHE woke before the rising SUN

Brown skin covered in paint and tears..

Bathing in the Creek of forgiveness..

 red SHE arrives at  home of the Blue son,

fruit in little lotus….

SHE ventures into the garden of the enlightened one.

dancing Odinani SHE tends her earth,

uprooting weeds of Manas.

Wind whistles…

through her cloth…

through flowers of the  cherry blossom tree…

in scent Ecstasy HE kisses SHE..

shutting the door for a moment in eternity.

Nectar drips from SHE ,

dancing slowly….wild and free in his palace..

Prabhu  watches SHE move between the trees towards HE.

Dear HE energy

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Music: Believe by Lenny Kravitz

Dear HE energy..

Do not be afraid of the Yoni embrace SHE.

Afterall…this is where HE sprang forth from…

Nurture SHE with tender devotional kisses …

SHE will grace thee with  the nectar flow.

Dear HE energy,

abuse not the compassionate Yoni

after all… fruit springs from creative center of SHE

Dear HE energy…

Nurture SHE with devotional love.

Empower SHE with love..and Man~kindness..

shine ancient sunlight…

plant seeds of HE…

deep within the soils of the Yoni..

Dear He energy…

embrace the SHE…for SHE resides within HE.

How the Yoni longs for HE…

 to reject SHE is to reject HE.

Dear HE energy

take hold the heart of SHE

hold it near..

SHE guides HE through the days of darkness..

HE synergizes SHE into the days of enlightenment.

Dear HE energy..

in union…

a creative force…

Shiva shakti synergy.

without HE…love ciricle is incomplete.

The upward triangle to the downward triangle…

In union…creative snergy.

Dear HE energy..

how SHe longs for thee..

Do not be afraid of the Yoni…

suckle the nectar of SHE flow…

for it shall nurture HE with rejuvenating inspiration…

Dear HE energy…

kiss the yoni tenderly as if it were…

a tender flower…

blossoming between lips of HE.

Dear He energy..

 SHE is present not to overcome HE…

rather to enhance…complete HE in synergy.

days of darkness…

on the precipice of illumination..

Dear HE energy..

do not forsake SHE

 SHE shall receive seeds of light in love consciousness…

oh dear HE energy..

how the yoni longs for thee.

under the palmetto sun~synergy union

music to the dancer of the yoni SHE..

enters SHE with loving tenderness..

enter the pearl gates to the cosmic worlds.

Dear HE energy..come into the SHE..

how SHE longs for thee.

Winter Love

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Music: Balmorhea~Clamour


Winter love,

sit let SHE tell tales to thee,

of since you bid SHE farewell.

Spring love, SHE  toiled the land,

planting Tara seeds Early Summer,

for a bountiful Love harvest in Autumn.

Winter love, stillness preparations to recieve Seed.

come into SHE…

Tara tree prepares to Fruit.

Warm in the way that you do,

through the stillness of the first snowfall..

watching Fruit Love create magic from your white tears.

COme into SHe…

through the morning fire

melting away the chill.

Welcome love,

Summer Jasmine, blooming heart of SHE for thee..

movement of SHE

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Heart Dance…

spill forth from the secret Nectar space…

where lovers meet in music~ movement~meditation~