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The Living Goddess

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Music: Love Unconditional by Chinonye


A dear fairy friend Sitara,

put out a sisterhood call.

‘Calling all sisters,

embrace the goddess within”.

Beginning on the first day of the 12th month,

It is our highest intention to inspire and invite you to discover,

embody and live out your highest divine feminine.


7 months after delivery of a second Shakti energy,

Ma embraced this call to action….

the action being Peace within.

The mission at hand, no time to be wasted….

rise from the root Chakra,

awaken to unconditional love.



Day 1 of the twelfth month  started with Red Moon Flow.

Temple dancers,

sisters of the light,

rest on the days of the red moon.

Day 1-4  dedicated to rest and reflections.

Finding the silent voice of truth within,

from this place of truth,

may SHE energy transfer love from within to without.

Instead of acting on the whims of a restless mind,

the red flow pulls SHE to the Yoni Center.


Heart dance of the Nubian continues,

practicing teachings of Bharatantyam Guru,

Ma explores breath and basic feet positions of the dance on these days.

1. Samapada (समपद)
2. Aramandi  or Ardha Mandalam (अर्ध मंडलम् )
3. Muzhu Mandi. (मुलु मण्डी )

 Rise into love with SHE.


Winter in Spring

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Though the ground has been broken
flower roots placed with compassion…
winter breezes, chilly yet warm
a springtime whirlwind.

children proceed…caution
turn to the earth mother,
the forbidden fruit eaten…
love, a winter rose in spring.


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The breeze warm/cool against  the skin

cold chest buttons standing on point

pressing against his warm chest

the energies balanced

she nuzzled into the warmth of his embrace.

Shape Shifting

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Destroyer of death.

Lord manifests,

Almighty father cleansed the earth sparing Noah….

energy of destruction sparks creation

beautifully morbid this manifests, with each breath we take

and the space in between the breathes we take.

all that is true,

all that is good,

all that is beautiful is ONE.

even such in this manifest.


Humanity Healing

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Artwork by: Agnieszka Brezezanska

Music: You are the Lover by Srikalogy




met in Namaste, along the journey home.


Humanity Healing…

this natural mystic thing

moves through sound and movement.

they touch without touch the center.



Come as you are…

movement love energy knows no sexuality

leave the masks on the shelf…

SHE will take them off like the grey shirt on your shoulders.


heart hands purified in fire,

which like her heart… burns for HE

warm Jojoba oils arouse movement feet…

devoted to pleasure center of the heart…

beloved enjoys thru the lover.



separate…yet insync they move as ONE

rising into Palmetto love,

Sound penetrates the center space of SHE…

always inspiring nectar flow movement.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

the melody of their unison dance.


New Moon Mother

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Music: Gopalike by Dr. KJ Yesudas


The new moon upon us…

it has been 77 days since Chi stepped foot in Tara home…

a drifter, sleeping upon the mats of parents home…

tending to the gardens, and the space which housed her rebirth.

the maid came today to clean the parlor…

one could mistake Chi for her..

it is hard to believe Chi posses a 2500 sqft home…

which to the villagers surprise, Chi lovingly abandons to tend to the gardens.

it has been 77 days…

on this new moon…gazing out into the dark sky…

SHE has never felt so close yet far from mother.

it has been 77 days…

since Chi has laid eyes on  bharatantyam Guru..

since Chi has danced before her eyes, and received divine instruction

all of her doing… or perhaps something greater than Chi…

these 77 days of penance..

the dance has taken a different form within Chi…

the adavus still practiced every day…as devotion comes not without discipline

but as Chi flows through daily tasks….

the dance is there always…

moving through SHE…as if not a separate thing that one must make time and space for…

at times duality sets in…

Chi how will you ever complete your training and get to Arrangetram…

being distanced from Guru for 77 days..

although we are apart…. SHE is with Chi.

in the smell of sweet fall breeze, as Chi takes in the beauty

her teachings encircle Chi as SHE sways gently to the breeze…

mudras flowing forth subconsciously as if some language between Chi and Nature.

77 days, since Chi partook in the sacred green leaf of her ancestors…

clearing mind, body and spirit…

finding the dance within.

Rooting in something Chi knows not..

but it’s truth brings comfort and shelter like the tree in which Chi sits under.

Black mother,

daughter lost yet found in your eyes.

77 days since Chi gave up on the making the house a home…

not entirely giving up…

just giving in to the call of nature…

the call to be in the gardens, and dance a silent dance…

to dance amongst the trees and watch them change,

for they reflect the inner transformation within Chi.

Tara temple home waits empty…

a castle without a queen…

for the Queen has left her belongings and prized possessions…

embarking on an internal journey.

as the winter wind comes, SHE will leave this place for warmer lands…

taking with her a fruit and a song

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


Seeds of HE in SHE

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Music: September 24, 1999 by Xavier Rudd


In a cosmic time and space,

surrounded by darkness of her shadows..

September 24, the day of her birth…

death and rebirth comes.

WoMAN wont you have my seeds…

he released into SHE…

love and support a gift received.

Germinating seeds sparks transformation…

light roots SHE in Love.

dance emerges from her ashes…

SHE seeker on the circular path to Center.

Gifted with spiritual eyes…

SHE steals a glance of her eternal lover.

Rebel man, from the bay…

whisked her heart away with a Love Song..

only to fulfill the prophecy of the fast car and long dark haired woman..

left confused in the heart…

mother guides SHE through dream reality.

“Daughter, along the road of Love….

Spearhead of the rebel man points an arrow to your true love.”

Heart broken by doubt…

She turned to Krishna.

As always he catches tears of his devoted ones….

Lord Light picked up the butterfly…

broken wings an all….

delivering her to the footsteps of a Bhramana woman.

She spoke to the butterfly the ancient teachings of the heart dance….

mending wings through devotional dance.

two cycles…

autumn, winter, spring passing….

summer months brought into her vision…

the mystic poet~ Palmetto warrior.

Heart cautious….

SHE explores from a distance…

He comes bearing the markings of a spiritual warrior

prophecy of the white tiger upon his chest…

singing a different love song,

heart song of Mother.

Her mind fights the attraction…

yet heart recognizes the familiar heart song of HE.

Inspiring a new dance within SHE…

a gift he brings through a smile and embrace.

apprehensive due to fall of first two flights…

SHE yearns to share nectar of her devotion  in flight with HE…

always slightly out of reach, he disappears from her sight.

the land grows cold…

butterfly wings prepared for flight…

taking the test presented…

Heart of SHE shall win…

they will dance..SHE for the black Mother and HE for the Sun.