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Humanity Healing

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Artwork by: Agnieszka Brezezanska

Music: You are the Lover by Srikalogy




met in Namaste, along the journey home.


Humanity Healing…

this natural mystic thing

moves through sound and movement.

they touch without touch the center.



Come as you are…

movement love energy knows no sexuality

leave the masks on the shelf…

SHE will take them off like the grey shirt on your shoulders.


heart hands purified in fire,

which like her heart… burns for HE

warm Jojoba oils arouse movement feet…

devoted to pleasure center of the heart…

beloved enjoys thru the lover.



separate…yet insync they move as ONE

rising into Palmetto love,

Sound penetrates the center space of SHE…

always inspiring nectar flow movement.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

the melody of their unison dance.



Sunlight of Mother

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Music: Lindelani by Miriam Makeba


In the Garden of SHE,

SHE waits for return of Sunlight of Mother…

Divine restlessness grows within SHE.

One by one,

universe brings Knights from Her past…

polished and enticing as ever.

They sing sweet melodies in the wind,

SHE dances….

heart dance for Sunlight of Mother lost over the horizon.

They give SHE little treasures,

SHE offers treasures under earth mother tree…

to Sunlight of Mother lost over the horizon.

They bring sweets for her fruit love,

Fruit love sweetly cries…..

tears for return of Sunlight of Mother.

Knights retreat in frustration.

She dances her lovers dance in the rain,

Sleeping under the stars…

Morning sun warms her brown skin.

Cardinal messenger lands upon her lap,

singing sweet lullaby from sunlight of Mother…

Love message from Heart of HE to SHE.

She sings and dances in ecstasy of His love.


Artwork by: Gallery T

Chi Dancer Artwork by: Erin Lechner

Butterfly Photography by: Chinonye

New Moon~Urban Zoo~Fire Dancing for rain~

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Music: Live recording~New Moon Drum circle in the Urban Zoo~

Hips of SHE guide ancestral tales


Cum as you are….

We fire dancin’ for rain in the Urban Zoo….

Igwe..Alusi of the sky…bringer of rain…

replenisher of Yoni Ala…

hear the heart of the people…asleep and awake.

Hare! Hare Krishna!


~Namaskar to Earth Mother~
Under a tree…
on the dark side of the moon…

slow serpent winds from the fire..
aroused by the bhakti..
bhakti vibrating from the hips of brown skin.

hips of SHE evoked by the drum
Rain dance for Mother that is dying to BE reborn.
In the Paris of the west…
hips of SHE evoked by the drum.

SHE mission
spread love through dancing hips.

Odinani Yoni desires warrior nectar..

Sworn to Lord Hari, Yeshua, Buddha.

Vibrations below reflect above,
connected at the center,
release the mask to see..

a moment in eternity
see into the center of the Yoni
SHE in HE reflect ONE.

Butterfly Tree and the Cardinal Lover

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Music: Te Amo by Trevor Hall

Tree Dancer Artwork by: Yasmine Bider


Butterfly Tree of SHE…

Free as the wind

yet grounded in source of Earth

butterfly tree of SHE.

Once upon a time….

rebel man warrior… wounded from soul battles…

sought shelter in the Heart forest…

home to Butterfly tree.

Into love ocean of SHE…

HE dove…

In the eternal moment

SHE tasted transcendental kisses of her beloved.

Under SHE branches HE sought shelter in the storm..

under SHE branches love of SHE held HE safe and warm..

Butterfly giving.

In eyes of HE….divine light of SHE reflected

Heart song of HE evoked SHE dance of the trees.

Hearts so open…

soul Lovers dance into eternal light.

Through the days of the Full moon

did HE suckle the healing nectar of SHE.

Through the days of the Red Moon

true fiery form of SHE revealed to Hearts eye of HE.

He showed SHE love

SHE reflected.

Touch without touch…

Healing deep soul wounds.

HE Fed SHe love light…

loosely holding her tight…

SHE reflected.

In eyes of HE…SHE tasted the beloved

Heart open…

Heart giving…

In Heart of HE…SHE found the voice of the WInd song

In Heart of SHE…HE found strength to move along…..

Oneness of the Hearts.

Heart SOng-Dancing  into eternal light.

In arm branches of SHE  did HE rest…

 storms passed through the seasons of LOve…

spring summer autumn winter…

Omnipresent Love carries Heart song of the cardinal Lover across seven seas…

In silent movement SHE sits

gracefully awaiting Return of HE to the Source of SHE.

movement of SHE

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Heart Dance…

spill forth from the secret Nectar space…

where lovers meet in music~ movement~meditation~

the SHE

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Music: ~ Dervish by Celt Islam Featuring Inder Goldfinger~

All love experiences…
like ponds, rivers and lakes…
lead back they always do…to the ocean of….

the SHE

divine feminine…
she who enchants the enchanter of the worlds.

great advisor of HE,
dances to his musical call.

Hips of SHE resonate ancient sunlight…

Thru CHi flow….the stillness movement..
They threesome interplay..

inspiring nectar flow…
tasting the secret center space of emptiness….where all mankind are humbled.

Sound vibrations shake the ego to crumbles…
revealing bare chi… at the lotus feet of Lord and Lover.


Soaking in the element of water.
sprinkled with love leaves and sweet oils…
tasting  love of SHE in the sweetness of the ripe berry.

buttering brown skin of SHE for Lord and Lover.
melted butter kneading of the percussive feet…
adorn with bells and stones of earth.

In brown skin ,
the Dance of the SHE comes into…till sunrise…
creative vibrational intercourse of the transcendental lover.

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~Chi-flow Dance Meditation~

In honor of the SHE


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She who created Heaven & Earth – By Chinonye
Chapter 1: Vision

Oh the Justice of her origins!

Her icon, so ancient

This simple Earth

Oh, the justice of her origins

Her icon, so light

The feather of a blue jay.

Oh, the Justice of her origins

Her icon, so precise

The pinhole in a hummingbird feeder..

So, feed her!

Feed her!

How dare you choose not to live in the light of her being!

-Cat listening.

*Tree goddess artwork by Monica Brown*