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Humanity Healing

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Artwork by: Agnieszka Brezezanska

Music: You are the Lover by Srikalogy




met in Namaste, along the journey home.


Humanity Healing…

this natural mystic thing

moves through sound and movement.

they touch without touch the center.



Come as you are…

movement love energy knows no sexuality

leave the masks on the shelf…

SHE will take them off like the grey shirt on your shoulders.


heart hands purified in fire,

which like her heart… burns for HE

warm Jojoba oils arouse movement feet…

devoted to pleasure center of the heart…

beloved enjoys thru the lover.



separate…yet insync they move as ONE

rising into Palmetto love,

Sound penetrates the center space of SHE…

always inspiring nectar flow movement.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

the melody of their unison dance.



New Moon~Urban Zoo~Fire Dancing for rain~

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Music: Live recording~New Moon Drum circle in the Urban Zoo~

Hips of SHE guide ancestral tales


Cum as you are….

We fire dancin’ for rain in the Urban Zoo….

Igwe..Alusi of the sky…bringer of rain…

replenisher of Yoni Ala…

hear the heart of the people…asleep and awake.

Hare! Hare Krishna!


~Namaskar to Earth Mother~
Under a tree…
on the dark side of the moon…

slow serpent winds from the fire..
aroused by the bhakti..
bhakti vibrating from the hips of brown skin.

hips of SHE evoked by the drum
Rain dance for Mother that is dying to BE reborn.
In the Paris of the west…
hips of SHE evoked by the drum.

SHE mission
spread love through dancing hips.

Odinani Yoni desires warrior nectar..

Sworn to Lord Hari, Yeshua, Buddha.

Vibrations below reflect above,
connected at the center,
release the mask to see..

a moment in eternity
see into the center of the Yoni
SHE in HE reflect ONE.

movement of SHE

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Heart Dance…

spill forth from the secret Nectar space…

where lovers meet in music~ movement~meditation~


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*Music “Man on Fire” By Karsh KAle– *

Butterfly lands on the Flowers of May…

A spiritual prelude to the creative vibrational intercourse.

Blessing the world that suffers through the breath…


Journey to the land of Diablos…

Spirit lured by melodies of the Armenian prince.

Vocals of his knott-headed brother compliment his spirit.

Above the head of the prince….dwells the king of the hot hells.

To his right, a sunflower guards the gates…

the sixteen gates leading to the SUN.

The last encounter between the butterfly and the prince

under the full libra moon…In transit through the material world.

Distant were the melodies of his heart….

yet resonating so innately within the Chi.

Must I journey through Diablos…the dark realms of my heart

to find his love?

Strings sing softly heavenly divine….

blessed they are to find the grace of his fingers.

What poison shall this experience initiate..

An angel in the midst of hell….

Shall my heart emerge pure in fruit love? 

On the mainland

The animals are crying in farms…

The animals are dying…

killing their brothers and sisters.

Feeling the illusionary pains of suffering

weighing heavy on this weary heart.

In my silent place I cry…

In the midst of Hades

I cry out for my lord.

Animals asleep sway…Drunken on  Diablos

Families are crying…

who shall pay for the radiation rain?

Our children?

Who shall replace this mother… after she is all used up?

Giving into despair…. the tears begin to fall…

He enters….

The spiritual teacher…lord… savior

enters the sacred temple of Chi.

Silently swaying…. the hips a slave to his transcendental tala….

Taking the spiral vow…under the sunflower guide.

He spoke in vibratory movement…

All of my truth… I come into your being.

Into your silent space…let go to the mystery..and I shall always catch you my love.

The Lion and the Butterfly

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The Butterfly landed on the foot,

On the Iron foot of the Rebel man warrior.

Some security she must find…

Some insight to be had….


Why else land on the Iron foot of a LION?

Tasting the nectar of Mary at his feet,

With Namaskar…the butterfly transforms..

shape shifting into the SHE.


In the center of the flow…

In this stillness of movement… Healing.


Without touch, the SHE feels the warriors wounds.

With touch, the warrior grounds her flighty poses.


Sitar Sounds Sweetly Sing,

resonating through the temple.

Such beauty in the stillness of the SHE butterfly.


The breath deepens…

the nectar thickens…. it flows.

From the crown to toes, the elements intertwine.


Without touch, the SHE feels the warriors wounds,

With touch, the warrior feels the SHE wounds.


Approaching the downward triangle,

the warrior breathes the SHE into.


The warrior through callused membranes,

Feels the scar upon the velvet wings of the SHE.

Tears of nectar fall from her beautiful bug eyes…

Invisible tears of nectar fall upon the warriors wounds….

Nurturing their wounds in an exchange of empathy.


The breath slows….

it deepens… the nectar thickens.


Immersed in the flow..

the head meets the root at the heart.

Open, the triangle becomes cyclic…. spiral.


Velvet wings of the SHE Caress,

Caress the Iron feet of the Rebel man LION warrior.


With Namaskar, the bond is sealed.

The SHE transforms back into Butterfly form,

Wings spread, Elements engage the flight..

the flight back to the land of Asparas.


Leaving behind the velvet fragrance of healing Nectar…

healing nectar upon the Iron feet of the Rebel Man warrior.


Creativity breeds Transcendence

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The night begun with Affirmations. “I am that I am…I am that I am.” Affirmations PITTMAN-PUCKETT gallery in Funky Ferndale was paying tribute the life and work of Photographer and Artist Jack Whitehead.  The atmosphere was warm, with simple funky furniture that was reminiscent of a 1920’s art gallery. Mindscapes melodies of  Judy Adams filled the room. I made my way through the maze of fashion forward folks to the Cafe to snag some fruits and cheese. It was here I came upon my adventure map for the evening…the list of all 48 of Jacks Painting that were on display tonight and available for purchase. The titles of his art pieces spoke wisdom to my spirit on the topic of transcendence and accepting your destiny. (Path to the Sacred Falls, Misty River, The light name a few.) I sat down on the high cafe stool and indulged myself in the life-story bio of this beautiful being.

In 1953, a young Jack Whitehead began studying photography on the GI Bill after serving in the US Army Corps of Engineers. After a forty-year and highly successful career as a fashion and automotive photographer, fate intervened and dealt this wonderful man a most severe blow- kidney failure and a life of dialysis. So, at 70yrs old, what did this remarkable man do? He moved from Michigan to Sarasota, Florida and proceeded to produce over 300 4×4 paintings.

His painting “Mother’s Lace” (The painting on the top right) was my portal for the eve as it resonated deeply with Chi Vibrations. I found this synchronicity amusing as I am consciously honoring “Great Mother”  with the 9 days of Navarati. As I stood in silence taking in the love this man transmitted through color, I was overcome by a vibratory sense of peace. From my head down through my body to my toe tips. In my mind’s eye I saw him, I felt him. After a day of  conflicting thought processes within Chi that had tears flowing from my eyes like the river Nile, he wrapped his arms around me filing me with warmth and light through his creations, as if to say It’s okay.. I feel you.

“Creativity breeds transcendence” I uttered out loud.

Wading through the pool of color love expression, I came upon my dear friend and guide Mary. She came sharing gifts of wisdom on matters of unconditional love and my eternal Lover. After an enlightening conversation, we parted ways. I bowed in respect to Mr. Whitehead and left to release the love Vibrations I soaked up in dance.

I headed uptown to trendy Royal oak for some Funk Vibrations of Nadir Omowale and his band Distorted Soul. Memphis Smoke was the name of the space… and as I made my way to the bar for a glass of lemon water I couldn’t help but be thankful for the recent Michigan No smoking law. Although bars are not my cup of tea, my spirit insisted in leading me to the creations of these talented musician energy transformers.

Nadir was a warm soul..opening up the show with greetings and humor for the diners. Nadir is an award-winning Funk and Soul musician with one heck of a live show. He’s a champion for the entertainment industry, and the best part is, he calls Detroit home. His band rocked it with their raw detroit funk, and they were not afraid to get down with the crowd. At one point in the night Nadir jumped off stage right grabbed his beautiful Nubian Queen wife Akanke Omowale and was groovin’ right along with the crowd!

What I enjoyed most about this group is the synergy that so easily flowed from them. All the instruments blended together seamlessly creating the perfect funk stew! Mahindi Masai (percussion), schooled us with sounds of our African ancestors on Congas, Tate McBroom (drums) held it together with beats that did not over power the rest of the band but complimented like the right pair of earings to an evening gown.   Derrick Benford’s snazzy finger work on the keys had my heart singing, and Chris Spooner on bass…. wow! That’s all I can say.. those who know Chi know I love some sexy smooth bass lines…and Chris was serving it up all night! To top it off like icing on the cake, Nadir on guitar with his soul-shaking lyrics and vocals.

As I soaked up the funk vibrations, my hips began to whine and sway. The music penetrated the layers of the Chi and the dance sprang forth like a high pressure geyser. My sandals came off, toes on the warm dance floor soaking up healing sound vibrations…. my heart was set free by the funk.

Creativity indeed breeds transcendence.