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Lord and Lover

Posted in Intimacy, Sensing, Trascending on September 6, 2012 by calabartheatre

Music: Kabir by Trevor Hall

I surrendered to Love.

To the elusive lover that nourishes my soul.

He fills my cup to the brim with his lotus eyes…

Like a Gopi….I am left longing for his taste.

No sensory Indulgence can fill me as HE

His love inspires me to express love…

Art, poetry, song, dance, food…

Simply the love I feel transformed and expressed..

The love of he…inspires my heart dance.

He accepts my every flaw…

In faulting.. He is my mirror…

Reflecting his deep love for me.

His musical melodies are not of this world…

My body sways… a slave to his magical Tala.

To deny his love… is to deny the Self.

He is my cardinal lover…

As I build the nest,

He is never far away…

Loyal lover responding to my beckoning song.

Love is an ever flowing river..

The river of this love is overflowing.

Three generations of Chi- love for him…

Mother welcomes Him…

Child has love for Him….

I find solace in the company of holy men,

For they understand this devotional love…

This devotional love that extends beyond the flesh.


Sunlight of Mother

Posted in Finding Meaning, Moving, Self Responsibility and Love, Sensing on August 11, 2012 by calabartheatre

Music: Lindelani by Miriam Makeba


In the Garden of SHE,

SHE waits for return of Sunlight of Mother…

Divine restlessness grows within SHE.

One by one,

universe brings Knights from Her past…

polished and enticing as ever.

They sing sweet melodies in the wind,

SHE dances….

heart dance for Sunlight of Mother lost over the horizon.

They give SHE little treasures,

SHE offers treasures under earth mother tree…

to Sunlight of Mother lost over the horizon.

They bring sweets for her fruit love,

Fruit love sweetly cries…..

tears for return of Sunlight of Mother.

Knights retreat in frustration.

She dances her lovers dance in the rain,

Sleeping under the stars…

Morning sun warms her brown skin.

Cardinal messenger lands upon her lap,

singing sweet lullaby from sunlight of Mother…

Love message from Heart of HE to SHE.

She sings and dances in ecstasy of His love.


Artwork by: Gallery T

Chi Dancer Artwork by: Erin Lechner

Butterfly Photography by: Chinonye

New Moon~Urban Zoo~Fire Dancing for rain~

Posted in Communicating, Moving, music, Sensing, Trascending with tags , , , on July 19, 2012 by calabartheatre

Music: Live recording~New Moon Drum circle in the Urban Zoo~

Hips of SHE guide ancestral tales


Cum as you are….

We fire dancin’ for rain in the Urban Zoo….

Igwe..Alusi of the sky…bringer of rain…

replenisher of Yoni Ala…

hear the heart of the people…asleep and awake.

Hare! Hare Krishna!


~Namaskar to Earth Mother~
Under a tree…
on the dark side of the moon…

slow serpent winds from the fire..
aroused by the bhakti..
bhakti vibrating from the hips of brown skin.

hips of SHE evoked by the drum
Rain dance for Mother that is dying to BE reborn.
In the Paris of the west…
hips of SHE evoked by the drum.

SHE mission
spread love through dancing hips.

Odinani Yoni desires warrior nectar..

Sworn to Lord Hari, Yeshua, Buddha.

Vibrations below reflect above,
connected at the center,
release the mask to see..

a moment in eternity
see into the center of the Yoni
SHE in HE reflect ONE.

SHE Senses HE

Posted in Finding Meaning, Intimacy, Sensing, Trascending on June 29, 2012 by calabartheatre

Music: Yoshida Brothers ~Tabidachi (Starting on a Journey )


Desire of SHE on fire,

cultivates unconditional impartial…

love for HE.

Sense training,

touch, smell~Earth and air…

taste, hearing~fire and water.



transforms data perception.


Posted in Sensing with tags , , , , on May 2, 2011 by calabartheatre

“Man of Fire Tab-lektrik ReMix ,” -by Karsh Kale.

Ritualistic washing of knotted head..
jasmine lavender eucalyptus oils.

Cranial massage brings nectar flow.
a Rose to adorn…

Man on fire…
plants seeds of light.

Blessing the world that suffers…
May Love bless the beings…

*Artwork by Chelsea Rose*

Many Moons

Posted in Communicating, Finding Meaning, Sensing on April 24, 2011 by calabartheatre

*Music “ma” by Karsh Kale*

Many moons have passed
since the butterfly has laid eyes on the Peace warrior…

Rebelistic Noble King..
whose sweat in battle…
fell upon the desert plains of Chi Heart
Nourishing her earth with hope…

Slow healing are the scars upon the butterfly Queens wings….
Remnants of Self inflicted wounds of her caterpillars past unruly Manas.
Feasting on milkweeds of the lord of light…
Silence sparked transformation of sorrow into devotional love of Mukund.

Many moons have passed…
Since the butterfly has gazed into the eyes of the Peace warrior.
Injured in battle…facing death…his heart called out to the butterfly
Summoning the ancestral healing dance over far lands and oceans.

Devotional fluttering prayer dance to the Lord of light
Silence sparked merciful healing of Parambrahman.

What joy was brought to the butterfly heart…
upon bearing witness to this miracle.

Many moons passed…
many battles won along the light journey of the Peace warrior.

In the realm of the noble king….
now filled with beautiful exotic birds…
the butterfly with a caterpillar past…a silent present memory.

In the realm of the butterfly Queen…
now filled with rainbow knights…
the Peace warrior…a silent present memory.

Fluttering to the tala of the eternal….
In silence she remains…
dancing love vibrations between the human & spirit worlds.

Marching to the tala of the eternal…
In silence he remains….
playing love vibrations between the human & spirit worlds

In the realm of the eternal….
souls of the warrior and Butterfly rejoice in unity.

In the realm of the Impermanence..
souls suffer illusionary heart pains of separation
due to limited nature of conditioned Manas.

Radha Vallabha watches the characters..
playing out this ancient divine Eros for the 21st century