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Endless Love

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He touched the space

reserved for HE who Honors SHE

it must all come to end

in the beginning of a new cycle.


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Watercolors of Nature. Aquarellbilder.

Shiv Parvathi


So had they met on the summits of the world.

Like the still spirit and its unawakened force

Near were they now, yet to each other unknown,

He meditating, she in service bowed.

Closing awhile her vast and shadowy wings

Fate over them paused suspended on the hills.


               Painted on Arches 300gsm HP half sheet; Schminke Artists watercolors.

               The story continues like this…  Lord Shiva is mourning the loss of his wife, Sati devi and the poet asks ‘He who gives the fruits to all austerities, with what deep desire is He in meditation yoked?’ 

               Meanwhile,  Sage Narada fortells that Parvathi would be wedded to the Almighty God, Shiva; hearing this, her father’s (Himaloy’s) heart leaps with joy but he dares not approach Him for such a boon. So he sends his daughter to the Lord to serve him. She goes along with her maids/friends and offers him flowers and…

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butter of shea..

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Music: Soubhanallah by Terakaft

Touch thyself….
It is good for the soul.

Ritualistic application of the butter of Shea..
upon the clay brown skin.
Lightly melted in flames…
wet oil runs down to the valley.

peaked are the hills
velvet delicate to the touch…

In the place which meets earth mother in samapadam…
deep touch brings upon the nectar flow.

Blessings to world that suffers greater than I…


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Ali Farka Toure – Soya

In Days of May rain.

movements of devotion….
Butterfly transforms love…

transcendental tala of HE.
arouses conch energy….

hips of maidservant.
tell tales of omnipresent Nectar….
Chi flow.

shapeshifting serpent butterfly.

hibernating beneath..
self-inflicted scar tissue wounds

Emerge in Rains of Love.

**Artwork By Maria Taveras “Dream Art”**

trinity love….

Swing mood

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Analog Mood Swing by Karsh Kale


In love,
Rise to the heart.
Mysterious ways of the SHE…

the Secret place…
center of the moon swing.
Lord of light vibrations flow through…

lavender anoints the conch…
expressive language of Chi.
through wounds nectar of Light Lord comes….

into heart awareness…
pacifying wounded butterfly healer.
student teacher in Chi Drama….

“Daughter of man… fall in love with the dance,” -Sudha Aunty

“Dance to your music” – the Sage Scientist

So the story goes..

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“You”- Amp Fiddler

Happy day to you dancing woman

Happy day to you singing man.

man meets a wo-man..

the she dance….. to his heart song.

A may-December love…

…  a present man…to a flighty wo-man

happy is He to see her…

embracing with his eye..

unhappy is He to discover

she is dying.

United souls serves the one..

who shall catch her fall.

So goes the dream story…

told once before.

Take me as I am

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Ali Farka Tour & Toumani Diabate-Sabu Yerkoy

In the silent place..where light butterflies lay their heads, sat crying a wounded butterfly. Sucking on light nectar, the butterflies karmic self-inflicted wounds transform… sorrow to love.

Fluttering her tired wings…spoken vibrations..

Here I am lord…
take me as I am.

Here I am great mother…
take me as I am.

not the least perfect…

Imperfections of the physical…
bruises of the emotional…
Ignorance of the spiritual..

my tears have watered mother many nights..
my skin has felt the pains of love..
through the tides and storms..
through triumphs and miracles of Grace…

I arise…
to the omnipresent one.
To the Supreme lover..

devoted servant of truth..
misunderstood… dancer of the Grand Play

Here I am lord..
take me as I am…

Use me as you will…
Bless the world that suffers greater than I.