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The Living Goddess

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Music: Love Unconditional by Chinonye


A dear fairy friend Sitara,

put out a sisterhood call.

‘Calling all sisters,

embrace the goddess within”.

Beginning on the first day of the 12th month,

It is our highest intention to inspire and invite you to discover,

embody and live out your highest divine feminine.


7 months after delivery of a second Shakti energy,

Ma embraced this call to action….

the action being Peace within.

The mission at hand, no time to be wasted….

rise from the root Chakra,

awaken to unconditional love.



Day 1 of the twelfth month  started with Red Moon Flow.

Temple dancers,

sisters of the light,

rest on the days of the red moon.

Day 1-4  dedicated to rest and reflections.

Finding the silent voice of truth within,

from this place of truth,

may SHE energy transfer love from within to without.

Instead of acting on the whims of a restless mind,

the red flow pulls SHE to the Yoni Center.


Heart dance of the Nubian continues,

practicing teachings of Bharatantyam Guru,

Ma explores breath and basic feet positions of the dance on these days.

1. Samapada (समपद)
2. Aramandi  or Ardha Mandalam (अर्ध मंडलम् )
3. Muzhu Mandi. (मुलु मण्डी )

 Rise into love with SHE.


Dear HE energy

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Music: Believe by Lenny Kravitz

Dear HE energy..

Do not be afraid of the Yoni embrace SHE.

Afterall…this is where HE sprang forth from…

Nurture SHE with tender devotional kisses …

SHE will grace thee with  the nectar flow.

Dear HE energy,

abuse not the compassionate Yoni

after all… fruit springs from creative center of SHE

Dear HE energy…

Nurture SHE with devotional love.

Empower SHE with love..and Man~kindness..

shine ancient sunlight…

plant seeds of HE…

deep within the soils of the Yoni..

Dear He energy…

embrace the SHE…for SHE resides within HE.

How the Yoni longs for HE…

 to reject SHE is to reject HE.

Dear HE energy

take hold the heart of SHE

hold it near..

SHE guides HE through the days of darkness..

HE synergizes SHE into the days of enlightenment.

Dear HE energy..

in union…

a creative force…

Shiva shakti synergy.

without HE…love ciricle is incomplete.

The upward triangle to the downward triangle…

In union…creative snergy.

Dear HE energy..

how SHe longs for thee..

Do not be afraid of the Yoni…

suckle the nectar of SHE flow…

for it shall nurture HE with rejuvenating inspiration…

Dear HE energy…

kiss the yoni tenderly as if it were…

a tender flower…

blossoming between lips of HE.

Dear He energy..

 SHE is present not to overcome HE…

rather to enhance…complete HE in synergy.

days of darkness…

on the precipice of illumination..

Dear HE energy..

do not forsake SHE

 SHE shall receive seeds of light in love consciousness…

oh dear HE energy..

how the yoni longs for thee.

under the palmetto sun~synergy union

music to the dancer of the yoni SHE..

enters SHE with loving tenderness..

enter the pearl gates to the cosmic worlds.

Dear HE energy..come into the SHE..

how SHE longs for thee.

The Girl Effect

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Music: The Lime Tree by Trevor Hall

the SHE has been used….

the sHE has been abused….

the SHE has been accused

through earth school storms…

the SHE remains a reflection of love unconditional.

In days of self-imposed darkness..

SHE cried out to HE,

ancient sunlight sprang from the tears of SHE…

reflecting divine love of HE for SHE.

Lifted SHE spirit did HE ,

Spring time LOVE…

Summer Sweat…Autumns Breeze…WInters CHill…

the SHE sought refuge in HE,

feasting on divine Nectar of HE…

replenished soul of SHE.

Sacred vows of SHE

birthed the SHE heart dance.

Heart dance to wind songs of HE…

Divine Lovers….

separated by time space illusions of Manas..

forever shall be ONE…

through stillness movement of the Heart.

forsake Consiousness…is to turn a blind eye to Eternal love of SHE

Spread Love in Creativity…

feel the divine lover of SHE within…

feed SHE your divine Nectar..

for SHE..




the ONE whom enchants the Enchanter of Worlds,

SHE… Ancient Creative Sunlight of Unconditional Love.

the SHE

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Music: ~ Dervish by Celt Islam Featuring Inder Goldfinger~

All love experiences…
like ponds, rivers and lakes…
lead back they always do…to the ocean of….

the SHE

divine feminine…
she who enchants the enchanter of the worlds.

great advisor of HE,
dances to his musical call.

Hips of SHE resonate ancient sunlight…

Thru CHi flow….the stillness movement..
They threesome interplay..

inspiring nectar flow…
tasting the secret center space of emptiness….where all mankind are humbled.

Sound vibrations shake the ego to crumbles…
revealing bare chi… at the lotus feet of Lord and Lover.


Soaking in the element of water.
sprinkled with love leaves and sweet oils…
tasting  love of SHE in the sweetness of the ripe berry.

buttering brown skin of SHE for Lord and Lover.
melted butter kneading of the percussive feet…
adorn with bells and stones of earth.

In brown skin ,
the Dance of the SHE comes into…till sunrise…
creative vibrational intercourse of the transcendental lover.

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~Chi-flow Dance Meditation~

In honor of the SHE