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The Living Goddess

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Music: Love Unconditional by Chinonye


A dear fairy friend Sitara,

put out a sisterhood call.

‘Calling all sisters,

embrace the goddess within”.

Beginning on the first day of the 12th month,

It is our highest intention to inspire and invite you to discover,

embody and live out your highest divine feminine.


7 months after delivery of a second Shakti energy,

Ma embraced this call to action….

the action being Peace within.

The mission at hand, no time to be wasted….

rise from the root Chakra,

awaken to unconditional love.



Day 1 of the twelfth month  started with Red Moon Flow.

Temple dancers,

sisters of the light,

rest on the days of the red moon.

Day 1-4  dedicated to rest and reflections.

Finding the silent voice of truth within,

from this place of truth,

may SHE energy transfer love from within to without.

Instead of acting on the whims of a restless mind,

the red flow pulls SHE to the Yoni Center.


Heart dance of the Nubian continues,

practicing teachings of Bharatantyam Guru,

Ma explores breath and basic feet positions of the dance on these days.

1. Samapada (समपद)
2. Aramandi  or Ardha Mandalam (अर्ध मंडलम् )
3. Muzhu Mandi. (मुलु मण्डी )

 Rise into love with SHE.


Full Moon Lake of Love

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Art Work: Dream Lovers by Oleg Zhivetin

Dream Love By Yoko Ono

Land of Lakes,

Full Moon blessings of the embrace….

SHE in the arms of HE.

Chest of HE Sweat Smeared from spiritual battlefield,

pressed  gently against brown breasts of SHE…

daubed with sandalwood.

Perhaps theatrics of his Calabar play,

yet like pure Jasmine Oil,

Love of SHE flows real.

No words SHE can say,

no songs SHE  sings, no dance SHE can dance….

satisfies thirst of SHE.

With fruit..She dares dream love in the forest,

beyond beauty and desire….

to the place where heart of SHE is one with HE.

The center place beyond,

where heart has abandoned all,

but burning flame for nectar of HE in SHE.


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She who created Heaven & Earth – By Chinonye
Chapter 1: Vision

Oh the Justice of her origins!

Her icon, so ancient

This simple Earth

Oh, the justice of her origins

Her icon, so light

The feather of a blue jay.

Oh, the Justice of her origins

Her icon, so precise

The pinhole in a hummingbird feeder..

So, feed her!

Feed her!

How dare you choose not to live in the light of her being!

-Cat listening.

*Tree goddess artwork by Monica Brown*