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Music: Who you gonna turn to~ By~ Trevor Hall

Touch the ever flowing river…

butter kiss the gardens of SHE..

aWake into the heart..


Shedding the lone seed

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“Revolution inside me” By Celt Islam.

Tender are the melons..
overripe the seeds..
shedding of the unfertilezed fertile bud.
the moon shines not…. yet a new

In thyself..surrenderd
to the flow.
desire vibrations colored red…

Dusk till dawn…


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 “Peekaboo” by Karsh Kale

Great Mother seeks refuge….


offer a flower….


lastly the soul…

to great mother.

“Love..the only authentic morality,” –Sage Scientist

Take me as I am

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Here I am Lord, Take me as I am.

“Surrender to the flow,”…Arjuna uvaca

” Madhusudanah shall advice your battles… as on the battle field of kuruksetra…

The burden is heavy to this maid servant…

toiling in the fields under the hot sun…toiling in the fields under the cold sun.

Surrender to the flow??… when Maya is the most seductive.

Maya and her enticing ways….

lovingly she caresses me in twilight.

Illusive… at dawn she leaves me longing for the taste of her skin…

“Surrender to the flow,”…Arjuna uvaca

Madhava…Here I am…take me as I am.

Butterfly tears wash your lotus feet.

The burden is too heavy for the flight….

carry me Lord through the Succulent grasp of Maya’s lips…

For only the love of My lord can break the spell of Maya.


***Artwork Surrender by. Heather Brown Truman***

Self-interest is but the survival of the animal in us. Humanity only begins for man with self-surrender. ~Henri Frederic Amiel (1821 - 1881)