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Humanity Healing

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Artwork by: Agnieszka Brezezanska

Music: You are the Lover by Srikalogy




met in Namaste, along the journey home.


Humanity Healing…

this natural mystic thing

moves through sound and movement.

they touch without touch the center.



Come as you are…

movement love energy knows no sexuality

leave the masks on the shelf…

SHE will take them off like the grey shirt on your shoulders.


heart hands purified in fire,

which like her heart… burns for HE

warm Jojoba oils arouse movement feet…

devoted to pleasure center of the heart…

beloved enjoys thru the lover.



separate…yet insync they move as ONE

rising into Palmetto love,

Sound penetrates the center space of SHE…

always inspiring nectar flow movement.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

the melody of their unison dance.



Full moon lover

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Music: Soubhanallah by Terakaft

On the wings of Isis
Full moon lover flies into my heart
Rooting this butterfly…in the here and now

Jasmine and lavender oils..
I anoint his feet
honey butter I rub upon the skin of the Full moon lover.

Full moon lover
holds me close…
like a father to his daughter.
….my head solemnly upon his chest

Full moon lover
holds me close…
like a husband to his wife..
he touches me….humbly with honor and respect.

Full moon lover
holds me close…
like a lover to his love…
..his head upon my breast..

Full moon lover…
kisses the lips…
Full moon lover…
kisses the lips beneath the hips.

Through Tender transcendental kisses…
I surrender..
Full moon lover…
can we stay here for while.

In the arms of the full moon lover …
the heart is at peace.
In the arms of the full moon lover…
no worries exist.
In the arms of the full moon lover… I am free.

Full moon lover feeds me light love…
nourishes my mind body soul.

Simply complicated..this phenomena
estranged lovers…reunited through a material world.

Teacher and student..
student one with the teacher…
kissing his lotus feet…our hearts melt into

Two flying birds..
free flying into the wind.
In crazy Maya…..
transcendental love is freedom.

Time traveling shape shifting
we meet again on this plane.

Breathing ….I take Full moon lover into my heart….
Into the place he has always been.
Sucking on the nectar of full moon love….

Into the dawn hours…Into the eternal…
lord and lover rules mind-body-spirit of CHi.
without attachment to the form..

Devotional love..the secret of our eternal union.